Jan 16, 2017
Kommentare deaktiviert für Die Nato? Obsolet. Der Brexit? Gut. Das Schicksal der Europäische Union? Egal.

Die Nato? Obsolet. Der Brexit? Gut. Das Schicksal der Europäische Union? Egal.

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Die Nato? Obsolet. Der Brexit? Gut. Das Schicksal der Europäische Union? Egal.

Die Nato? Obsolet. Der Brexit? Gut. Das Schicksal der Europäische Union? Egal.
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Die Nato-Geheimarmeen in Europa: Inszenierter Terror und verdeckte Kriegsführung

Price: EUR 24,95

NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe (Contemporary Security Studies)

This fascinating new study shows how the CIA and the British secret service, in collaboration with the military alliance NATO and European military secret services, set up a network of clandestine anti-communist armies in Western Europe after World War II.

These secret soldiers were trained on remote islands in the Mediterranean and in unorthodox warfare centres in England and in the United States by the Green Berets and SAS Special Forces. The network was armed with explosives, machine guns and high-tech communication equipment hidden in underground bunkers and secret arms caches in forests and mountain meadows. In some countries the secret army linked up with right-wing terrorist who in a secret war engaged in political manipulation, harrassement of left wing parties, massacres, coup d’états and torture.

Codenamed ‚Gladio‘ (‚the sword‘), the Italian secret army was exposed in 1990 by Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti to the Italian Senate, whereupon the press spoke of „The best kept, and most damaging, political-military secret since World War II“ (Observer, 18. November 1990) and observed that „The story seems straight from the pages of a political thriller.“ (The Times, November 19, 1990). Ever since, so-called ’stay-behind‘ armies of NATO have also been discovered in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Turkey. They were internationally coordinated by the Pentagon and NATO and had their last known meeting in the NATO-linked Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC) in Brussels in October 1990.


Gladio: NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis

Product Description
Masquerading as a rear guard against a possible Communist takeover, NATO’s covert special forces are in reality a hideous cancer poisoning European democracy. The dirty war projects have included the Italian Strategy of Tension, the Red Brigades and Baader Meinhof/Red Army Faction, the Banco Ambrosiano scandal, the deaths of Italian ex-PM Aldo Moro, banker Roberto Calvi, media magnate Robert Maxwell, Swedish PM Olaf Palme, and „The Umbrella Murder,“ as well as the attempt on Pope John Paul II’s life; the sex snare set for British PM Harold Wilson, and the Cyprus genocide. Gladio architect Lyman Lemnitzer is implicated in the 1944 reintroduction of the Mafia into Sicily and the murder of the Kennedy brothers. Covert NATO operations were behind Solidarnosc, the fall of the Soviet Union, the color revolutions of Eastern Europe and North Africa, and the massacres of August 2011 in Norway and Libya; the infiltration of Occupy Wall Street by violent provocateurs is on the same pattern.
Price: EUR 102,64

STAY BEHIND-Nato Geheim Organisation Kalter Krieg Überrollgruppen Widerstandsorganisationen Gladio – Kapuzenpullover oliv XXL #11008

Product Description
Sehr hochwertiger Marken Pullover mit dem oben abgebildeten Motiv
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Price: EUR 39,90

GLADIO, Die geheime Terrororganisation der Nato

The Lone Gladio: A Novel (English Edition)

Assassinations. Drug running. False flag ops. A shadow paramilitary global network. Synthetic wars. CIA-NATO: A darker truth. Operation Gladio Plan B: Murder.

OG 68—aka Greg McPhearson—no longer works for the company. The hunter has now become prey. He knows this beast: what created him and shattered his soul. Until Mai. When he opened the door to her three years ago, he opened what soul he had left. Yet he belatedly discovers that no amount of pride or power can ever replace one precious breath . . .

When the CIA orders his FBI bosses to call off a sting, Special Agent Ryan Marcello decides to do some digging. He calls in senior analyst Elsie Simon, expert in the Turkey-Central Asian-Caucasus nexus, to help track down the high-level target with ties to ruthless power players in a global narcotics-terrorism ring. Every lead and each new suspect brings them that much closer to home. With Elsie’s help, and their lives at stake, the two begin their own investigation . . .

The murdered son of a U.S. mogul leads to the hiring of Ryan and Elsie, who are used and then trapped in a byzantine scheme of retribution: of black ops within black ops, trails gone cold, kidnappings, blackmail, unexplained murders . . . a plot that extends from Russia and Azerbaijan to Cambodia, Vietnam, and is buried inside the Deep State.

For his final mission, in a world where reality now stands on its head—“my enemy’s enemy is my enemy”—no one would be spared . . . the Gladio would be acting alone.


Die spinnen, die Briten: Das Buch zum Brexit
Price: EUR 10,00




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